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Maldives Water Villa with Private Pool

Imagine having a leisurely day in the sunshine, sitting by the edge of your own private pool. Renting a private villa with a pool for your holiday means that there is no jostling for position and trying to drown out the noisy conversations of other holidaymakers; just you and your partner, friends or family, with unlimited access to your own private swimming pool.

Renting a private villa with a pool doesn’t add huge expense to your holiday either, and for the extra luxury which it provides, renting a holiday villa with a pool is outstanding value for money. During the peak season, a private self catering villa with a pool is worth its weight in gold, providing instant refreshment from the heat. Luxury villas with pools are especially suited to family holidays, offering total privacy and a safe environment for you and your family.

Maldives Water Villas with Private Pool is the epitome of luxury and privacy.  Settled over the turquoise lagoon of the Maldives Resorts, Maldives Water Villas with Private Pool is perfect for total seclusion.

Featuring a spacious and bright ambience, some of the best Maldives water villas with private pools offer a wide bedroom with king-sized bed a spacious living area, and bathroom with a private plunge pool, completely surrounded by the stunning shades of the ocean.

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