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Popular 2 Bedroom Overwater Bungalows in Maldives

Luxury to be shared with everyone; booking a 2 bedroom villa Maldives for your holiday is a great choice when it comes to indulging in memorable moments with a group of friends or your family. Standing grand over the azure lagoon, the 2 bedroom water villa Maldives options provide spacious luxury and a great alternative to splitting your group stays into two different villas.

Offering plenty of space to live comfortably, the 2 bedroom overwater bungalows Maldives usually offers plenty of living areas apart from just the two bedrooms. You will be delighted to find spacious living rooms blesses with infinite ocean views and dining tables that let you share memorable moments with your loved ones. Some of these 2 bedroom overwater bungalows also extend the delightful dining opportunities to the spacious decks, where you can enjoy sumptuous meals under the starry Maldivian night sky.

Of course, outside a Maldives 2 bedroom villa, you are also greeted with other luxuries on the elegant deck that peeks over the Indian Ocean. Sun loungers and beds invite you to soak up the tropical sun. The stylish overwater hammocks suspend gracefully over the lagoon. And most two bedroom water villa Maldives options also come with a private pool.

In the top luxury resorts, you can also find innovative Maldives 2 bedroom villa designs that truly add a little bit of spice and zest to your two bedroom water villa Maldives holiday. The 2 bedroom villa Maldives at Soneva Jani is a great example as they come with a slide and retractable roof in the master bedroom. Your days can be spent sliding into the turquoise waters of the lagoon with style, while your nights can be spent falling asleep while gazing at the stars.

These 2 bedroom overwater bungalows, not only charm your holiday with grand gestures like water slides leading to the lagoon, but also small delightful details such as glass floors that bring the vibrant lagoon colors to the interiors. Imagine relaxing in the living room of a 2 bedroom villa Maldives, enjoying a conversation with your loved ones while gazing at the vibrant marine life below.

Booking a 2 bedroom water villa Maldives holiday, not only helps you connect with the bountiful environment of the tropical paradise, but also strengthens the bond that you have with each other through the cleverly designed spaces. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, you can effortlessly find 2 bedroom overwater bungalows Maldives getaways with the diverse options provided by Maldives resorts.


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