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10 Best Maldives Water Villa with Private Pool

Staying in a water villa of the Maldives is truly a different experience for the visitors, in Maldives. Different from the beach villas, water villas in Maldives gives you the closest tropical experience, just above the waters of the Maldives. Wake up to the bright rays of sun hitting you and indulge in the most beautiful and scenic views from your water villas. Definite to make your jaws-drop, water villas in the Maldives are undoubtedly an experience you cannot miss! Another major feature of the water villas, which makes it so popular among the visitors are the private pools in-villas. Visitors are so in love with the concept of private pools during their stay and looks for a water villa with one, for a perfect, private holiday! Who wouldn’t? A stay in a water villa with private pool in Maldives could be the best option for your honeymoon too!

Maldives resorts offering water villas with private pools ensure a luxurious and desirable escape for the visitors. From budget friendly to the most exotic villas, you are guaranteed to have a truly worthy experience in Maldives.

1. Grand Water Villa with pool, Sun Siyam Olhuveli

The Grand Water Villa with pool at Sun Siyam Olhuveli is definitely an option for budget-friendly, but yet a luxurious experience. Featuring 112 sqm in size, the day beds on the spacious deck are truly a great way to spend your afternoons bathing under the hot sun. After the beautiful sun-tanning time, why not dip into the private pool in-villa to enjoy the most relaxing feeling ever? The coldness of the waters will relax your nerves in ways it cannot be expressed! Or why not jump into the lagoon directly from your villa and indulge in the salty waters for a perfect afternoon. At Grand Water Villa with pool at Sun Siyam Olhuveli, a moment spent is never dull and always exciting! With utmost privacy ensured, the private pools are astoundingly beautiful for a swim, or for romance. Also, with king size beds featured in the villas, sleep your worries away at any time of the day and make the best use of it! Do not forget the luxuriously equipped showers too! To make the best of your holidays at the Grand Water Villa, enjoy every bit of it.

2. Water villa with pool, Kuramathi Maldives

Exhibiting the modern interiors, Water Villas with pool at Kuramathi Maldives is one not to miss! With a private pool of 18sqm overlooking the ocean, can a moment in the villa ever be bland? I think not! Just taking a dip in these beautiful private pools could be the best of the moments, when the sun is out and bright. You could enjoy a sunrise or sunset in these villas and witness the most magical scene ever! Also, the dining table by the pool could be a great feature for the most private meals during your holiday. If wanted, order your food in-villa and relish the beautiful, tropical scenery as well as the food with your other half, and celebrate the beautiful life together! A toast to a happy life and dance around to bring magic! What else could be more romantic?

3. Water Pool Villa, Baros Maldives

Baros Maldives Water Pool VillaLike an overwater paradise, the Water Pool Villas at Baros Maldives are guaranteed to give you a fun, comfortable stay in Maldives. Blending well with the tropical heaven, the private plunge pools are a hit in these villas. With ensured privacy you can enjoy the pool at any time of the day, without any rules or policies stopping you. What’s better than the freedom of jumping into pool at any time? Apart from the private pool, these water villas are equipped with a library for you to relish yourself in. Take an interesting book from the library and enjoy a relaxing time on the sun loungers reading them. For unlimited fun in the villas, these villas are exquisite and exotic to meet your needs! To serve you well, a 24-hr host is assigned for each villa, ensuring that your demands are met. Get your customized meals and bookings to spa in Baros Maldives, with your host. Be guaranteed that you will be happy in these glorious villas of Baros Maldives and leave with a grin on your face!

4. VARU Water Villa with Pool, VARU by Atmosphere

Facing to the majestic Indian Ocean, VARU Water Villa with Pool is a magnificently eye-catching water villa in the Maldives. From the gorgeous views from the villa to the private infinity pool, you are definitely going to love a stay in these water villas. Take a cool dip in the private infinity pool and swim your stress away at any time, any hour! Midnight swims are astoundingly beautiful with the light of the moon and stars, also do not forget the calming sounds of the waves! Unimaginable! Featuring a coffee machine with complimentary coffee capsules, boost your energy early in the morning while indulging in the pretty views from the villa. From these water villas you can directly swim into the lagoon and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Maldives, with giving away yourself to the salty breeze. Discover the lagoons of the Maldives and be astounded with each adventure.

5. Deluxe Water Villa with pool, Hideaway Beach Maldives

Featuring a spacious deck, these water villas are one to go for! The Deluxe Water Villa with pool at Hideaway Maldives ensures you a luxurious and elegant experience in Maldives, without a doubt to give plentiful memories to take home. The infinity pool at these water villas are perfect for a private dip with your love. Indulge in the spectacular view and enjoy the best of the moments with your partner at these villas, with guaranteed privacy. Furthermore, a personal butler is assigned for these villas to cater your needs and requests with an assured professionalism and care. If you’d like to order a seafood dish for dinner, let your butler know! If you want to give a surprise to your other half before they return from watersports, let your butler know! In the hands of the experts, your requests are well taken care of.

6. Pool Water Villa, Baglioni Hotels

With a private plunge pool, Baglioni Hotels features a water villa with modern touch and luxury. Overlooking the gigantic Indian Ocean, enjoy a 24-hour in-villa dining at your own comfort and privacy in Pool Water Villa of Baglioni Hotels. Order your breakfast early or late, whenever you feel like and relish the delicious meals prepared with touch of love and expertise. Furthermore, the direct access to the lagoons are such an awesome feature in these water villas! With the lagoon of Maldives awaiting you to discover the beauty of the underwater of the Maldives, you would be relentless for the exciting adventure once you witness the beauty of the Maldives. Apart from these incredible features of the villas, could the large private pool be the top-tier quality? With astounding views from the pool, you can enjoy a breakfast by the pool with your other half for a complete day with romance and adventure!

7. The Private Reserve Villa, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

With utmost, guaranteed exquisite and luxurious amenities and features, The Private Reserve Villa at the well-known resort Gili Lankanfushi Maldives boasts about the privacy. Featuring a spacious villa, with ensured space for freedom, this water villa is a hot spot for families, with two bedrooms. Also, how does a private cinema sounds? Unbelievable! But at this glorious water villa, enjoy movies at your private cinema within the villa with guaranteed privacy and fun for the vacation. Keep your kids entertained while you enjoy the pool with your love of life. Why not get the best for both during your holiday? For the most secluded getaway, in the villa, you are offered with the a fully equipped kitchen, private gym and private couple’s spa. Privacy taken as a top priority at the Private Reserve Villa, your departure and arrival by a private yacht completes the luxury and elegance of the whole experience. What’s more is the infinity pool with enhanced Bose sound system, ensuring you have enough fun by the pool with loud music and splashes!

8. Water Retreat, Sovena Jani

Featured with two floors, the spacious Water Retreat at Soneva Jani is a wonder among visitors! With a private pool surrounded by enough space for sunbathing, space is the least of worries when staying in this luxurious villa. With a Barefoot Butler to take care of you and your requests during the vacation, you can ensure to have “no-worry” vacation these villas. The top and most popular characteristic among the visitors are the water slide in these villas. Splashing into the lagoon from the villa, these water slides are fun and exciting for the kids, as well as the adults for an everlasting laugh and memories. Also, want to watch the starry sky at the comfort of the master bedroom? Use the retractable roof to make your dreams come true, and have a star gazing time with your love in this exotic villa of Soneva Jani.

9. Grand Water Villa with pool, One and Only Reethi Rah

Featuring a 20-meter long infinity pool, the water villa at One and Only Reethi Rah is called Grand Water Villa with pool. With ample of space featured, this water villa boasts the touch of luxury and modern features ensured to the fulfill the desires of the visitors. With overwater hammocks to relax your mind and soul, you are guaranteed with every bit of privacy and love during your stay in Maldives. Also, with the villa overlooking the beautiful tropical Maldives, the infinity pool plays a huge rule in completing the exotic and elegance of the villa. Furthermore, with the large dining area featured in the villa, why not order your most favorite meal for dinner, which will be definitely taken care of by expert chefs, to leave your taste buds astounded! With every bit of luxury and professionalism, the services and amenities at Grand Water Villa with pool at One and Only Reethi Rah is truly a wow-factor!

10. King Overwater Villa with pool, Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi

Featuring a 283 sqm of space, The King Overwater Villa with pool at Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi, contemplates its name. With the ample of space of the villa, the king bed and ocean views are astoundingly picturesque. In the modern interiors with the beauty of it, the villa is featured with an eye-catching décor from top to bottom. Apart from that, the outdoor pool of this exquisite villa is a top-tier factor of the villa, along with the overwater hammocks. Relax and just lay down on the hammocks, while you enjoy the views and indulge in them. Or you can take a nap under the bright sun for a perfect tan! All to hear is the sounds of the waves or the birds chirping. What else could be more relaxing? Furthermore, the swings exhibited in these villas are to love! Just like that “swing your worries away” while on vacation!

The water villas with private pool in Maldives are famous among the visitors due the luxurious features and amenities. With a grin on their faces, the visitors leave the Maldives with memories to cherish forever. With the emerging popularity among the visitors, the features of these water villas are enhancing day by day, to guarantee the visitors a luxurious stay!

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