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Most Expensive Villa in Maldives - Velaa Private Island Romantic Pool Residence

5 Best Maldives Luxury Villas

What does the Maldives offer that visitors are thrilled to come by for vacations, at any time? Is it only the tropical vibe and natural beauty of the Maldives islands, the gems? Or is it the fact that Maldives is an ‘all-in-one’ destination for anyone, including celebrities and millionaires too? The true beauty of the Maldives islands, resorts and marine life is completed with the luxury accommodation options that Maldives offers. From beach villas to the water villas and private residences, anyone could come to Maldives and enjoy a discreet vacation without worries! The luxurious, elegant villas in Maldives are mansion-like, equipped with top-most amenities to bring the utmost comfort and convenience to the visitors.

The five star resorts in the Maldives are well-prepared to take your luxurious needs at any cost! To bring you the best of the Maldives, the luxurious, exquisite villas in the Maldives resorts are ready to meet your luxury needs! From the private butler service to in-room amenities, enjoy a personally curated services for you, by the professionals. Your demands are their desires, guaranteed to be fulfilled with unconditional care and expertise.

The luxury villas in the Maldives are deemed to be a luxury with their interiors and the services and amenities these villas have to offer. From the top-class services to ensure the comfort of the visitors, you are guaranteed to never endure a dull moment in the villas.

1. The Private Reserve Villa, Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Evident from the name itself, the Private Reserve Villa at Gili Lankanfushi Maldives is secludedly yours! From 500 meters away from the main island, this private paradise is filled with comfort and luxury. With breathtaking views and majestic space, feel at your home, in the private haven of Gili Lankanfushi Maldives. From the pinpoint of your arrival to departure, you are well taken care of with luxuriousness in mind. Arrive and depart in the luxury yacht, and feel at paradise indulging in the beauty of the Maldives.

With the two en-suite master bedroom in the Private Reserve Villa, on the second level of the villa there is a two en-suite guest room as well. Guaranteed space to accommodate enough people, why worry at the Private Reserve Maldives? Enjoy a girl’s trip or a family trip with your kids, with luxury services and facilities on-hand. Furthermore, with the infinity pool suited within the villa, the privacy is at top level at this elegant villa. From the infinity private pool, enjoy and indulge in the mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean, desiring your presence. Why not jump into the lagoon after pool, to get the great taste of the salty waters in the Maldives? Duly, you are guaranteed to be astonished with the discoveries in the lagoon!

How does a private cinema sounds? Who does not love movie nights after an adventurous day? I bet everyone, along with your kids would love a calm night with popcorn and some Christmas movies! The private cinema at the Private Reserve Villa at Gili Lankanfushi makes it a top-tier villa.

2. Stella Maris Ocean Villa, Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Beautiful, magnificent, jaw-dropping and elegant! This describes the Stella Maris Ocean Villa at Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi well, but maybe not enough! With the beautiful, eye-catching elegancy of the interiors, luxury is well served in this villa. For an intimate, romantic getaway, this villa is definitely a perfect choice with the ensured privacy and luxury.

Only accessible by a private boat, you would fall in love with the villa, at first sight. Some of the most exotic and desirable amenities at this exclusive villa are over water hammocks. Would you not love to admire the bright sunny sky whilst listening to waves, while lying on the hammocks? Definitely a chance never to miss! With these big over water hammocks, make your worries go away instantly, and live your vacation stress-free! Yes, it’s like a therapist!

Furthermore, the private infinity pool fitted in these villas are magnificent and huge. Enjoy a midnight dip or early in the morning dip, without any worries of privacy, with your other half. Why not make the moments count, with everything you do and celebrate the blessing of love? Apart from that, the beauty of the bathroom at these villas are beyond the world! Yes, beauty could be never described. With a bathtub, overlooking the gigantic Indian Ocean, what else could be more fulfilling in the Maldives? Whatever you do at Stella Maris Ocean Villa, is truly luxurious and exotic. Enjoy and love every bit of the Maldives, without a doubt!

3. Velaa Private Residence, Velaa Private Island

Is feeling at home a must for your vacation? Accommodating up to 10 people, with 4 bedrooms and baths, Velaa Private Residence is the ultimate choice for a family getaway! Descriptively, the four bedrooms are facing the Indian ocean with the breathtaking oceanic views, indulge and exhale with astonishment. Furthermore, the interiors of the Velaa Private Residence are out of this world, with the beauty of it, unable to comprehend in words. With the home-like mansion in the paradise, can a dull moment ever pass? I think not!

Moreover, the topmost, luxurious feature of this villa is the private beach, where you are free to do whatever you want, whatever you desire. Is it sun bathing or star gazing under the tall palm trees? A beach all for you, what’s more to desire? Furthermore, the residence consists of an outdoor swimming pool where the views of the beach will make your tropical dreams come true. Furthermore, a fully equipped kitchen sounds absolutely amazing, right? While on your Christmas and New Year Eve’s vacation with your loving family, why not cook a great meal for all and replenish yourselves with the taste of a home cooked meal. What’s better than that for a great celebration with your people!

In-room residence entertainment is a top-tier feature which is undeniably needed for a family getaway. Outdoor cinema screens in the Maldives? Out of the imagination, these are absolutely stunning and a serene way to watch a movie. Whilst the soft night winds hit you, enjoy the magical cold nights outside while cozying up in a blanket.  Also, wouldn’t kids love to watch a movie outdoor, on a big screen? I bet they would! Keep them occupied, for your holiday to be merry!

4. Sunset Luxury Water Villa with Pool, Joali Maldives

The interiors, wow! Astonishingly beautiful! Sunset Luxury Water Villa with Pool at Joali Maldives features the curated, eye-catching elegant interiors, to take your breath away! With a hint of gold, the bathroom could be your ultimate paradise too! Take a bath in the tub, enjoy the views with never ending astonishment, with bubbles around to brighten your day more!

Furthermore, a private pool is situated in this villa, for you to enjoy a private pool time, with your favorite bikini on, at your comfort. Why not have a morning dip with your other half to kick start your day? While enjoying the great views too! With the direct access to the lagoon, your salty desires might come true too! With a lagoon to discover, could you even wait anymore? I bet not!

In addition to that, as by the name Sunset Luxury Water Villa, sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful from these villas, when you witness one, you are definite to desire for another! Enjoy the sunsets and enjoy the Maldives at these villas, with the elegance and luxury features. What’s not to love in these villas when a butler is there to serve you? Feel like a princess in a castle, while a professional handles your desires. Is it a seafood dinner? Hesitate not! Order your seafood meal, with the guarantee that your taste buds would not forget the delightful taste of it.

Above all, the spacious outdoor areas for a sun tan, or to read a book is truly a great feature! After adventures during a day, a calm night with the sound of the waves under the starry night sounds truly soothing!

5. Baros Residence with Private Pool, Baros Maldives

Surrounded by lush greenery, Baros Residence is absolutely secluded and private. With the secret world to discover, relaxing in privacy, without socializing sounds absolutely fun right? Be in your own world with your other half, without any other human interaction! Tropical vibes + privacy = Tropical paradise!

Feel like in other world, where you feel at home with enough space to keep yourself amused sounds dashing! With the beautiful interiors and features, it is truly a residence to love and enjoy at Baros Maldives. An exotic service offered at this stunning residence is the daily in-villa breakfast for you to enjoy! Enjoy it by the beach or by the pool, whatever your heart desires and good food to indulge in! The infinity pool fitted in Baros Residence at Baros Maldives is for you to dip, at any time! Could it be your unfulfilled fantasy? To have a pool all for yourself? Make your fantasies come true!

Apart from that, the direct beach access from the residence is an eye-catching feature for the beach loves. The white sandy beaches and the crystal clear waters, you truly get to enjoy the sunny side of life, the Maldives on hand! After an afternoon dip in the pool, why not snorkel your way into the lagoon and discover the beautiful and amazing marine life of the Maldives? What’s not love in Maldives? Actually nothing comes to my mind!


With the visitor’s preference and comfort in the mind, the resorts of the Maldives are rapidly upgrading the services and amenities to ensure the visitors leave the Maldives, with plentiful happy memories. Luxury and comfort combined, the villas of the Maldives offer exotic, great services for the visitors to enjoy their holidays without a fuss, and every desire of them handled well with professional experts. From the food you replenish in to the entertainment, you are well cared and looked after, to make sure that you are never left unattended. When the visitors leave with the grin, they are guaranteed to come back for more! Why not make them grin and love the Maldives? Luxury ensured, the Maldives villas are to love for romantic getaways or family holidays!

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