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Maldives – Best holiday destination for World Cup fans and players

World Cup, the biggest football tournament played with the best international teams and billions of viewers watching them all around the world. The World Cup is held every four years with different countries hosting the tournament each time and the most recent hosts being Russia. 2018 is set to be the biggest and most thrilling competition yet as an astounding 32 teams from around the globe travels to one destination with the target of reaching the finals and lifting the golden trophy.

The 2018 Russia World Cup is  well underway and fans from all over the world have been flocking to Russia in their thousands.  Those who have not been able to visit Russia to watch their favorite team battle to advance stage by stage have been watching the games on television.  A total of 64 matches filled with excitement, action and emotions, will be played across the 12 venues distributed in the 11 cities in Russia with only 1 team emerging victorious.

Paddle boarding ✅??

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After the World Cup in Russia both the spectators and players are sure to be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and in need of a relaxing vacation in summer.

Football is our our Number 1 sport

Maldives is a country located in the depths of the mighty Indian Ocean just south to Sri-Lanka. It’s a geographically unique country with 1000s of coral islands scattered into the turquoise lagoons of the ocean. Famed for the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and the natural green vegetation along with the palm trees surrounding the island, the government has cleverly made use of the natural surroundings to promote tourism by building resorts and guest houses across the local and uninhabited islands.

Maldives is a small country with a population of approximately 400,000 people as of 2016. The locals here are hardworking, multi-talented and most, quite enthusiastic about football. Football Stadiums are distributed among almost all the islands, allowing the locals to enjoy playing football to their heart’s content. You can even find kids passionately playing football in the streets of some of the local islands. In the world cup days, the locals usually gather to a restaurant or a place where the match is being displayed, wearing their favorite jerseys and ready to shout, cry and laugh for their teams. There is never a dull moment.

Maldives – one of best places to relax in the world

Russia itself is an impressive place and there are other stunning neighboring countries for you to visit after the world cup ends. The service they provide and the hospitality along with the world-class accommodations are just a great there as it is in the Maldives. So why should you opt Maldives over these places? Well, we have listed some unique features in Maldives which sets apart the country from the rest of the world, giving you a reason to come to this tropical paradise after the world cup.

The Largest Water Villas in the world

Maldives is famous for resorts and the water villas that it features due to the stunning natural environment of the country. Gili-Lankanfushi in Maldives is especially an exceptional example, with 44 villa suites and residences over 2600 square feet which are some of the largest water villas in Maldives. But these villas don’t even come close to the main gem hidden in the island. The Private Reserve at Gili-Lankanfushi Maldives.

Stretching up to an impressive 15,069 square feet the reserve is unarguably the largest water villa in the world. The sheer size is certainly impressive, but this is not all that this water villa has to offer. The amount of features and facilities provided by resort and villa is astounding as well. The Private Villa is a uniquely designed sanctuary consisting of a collection of master suites and guest bedrooms along with dining and living spaces equipped with glass floors and the highest quality of furnishing. Outside, you can step out to the mesmerizing infinity pool and the spacious sundecks to enjoy the tropical sun. There is more. The reserve features a couple’s spa pavilion with a sauna and steam room, a water slide from the top deck of the villa, a gymnasium, a bar and even a private cinema. Unbelievable right!

These features of the villa are quite impressive, but perhaps, the blessing that celebrities and tourists enjoy most is the absolute privacy, as the Private Reserve can only be accessed through a boat. Complementing these magnificent features is the Mr. Friday 24-hour butler service provided by Gili-Lankanfushi making the stay an absolute perfection. With the World Cup tournament over the least you can do is soothe your mind and soul before heading into your daily busy life.

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World’s first Insta-Butlers

Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong, Insta-Butlers. A group of dedicated butlers who expertise in taking pictures for your Instagram feed. Today, the world has become a small place through the connections of technology. You can share your most memorable experience through a click of a button through apps such as Instagram. Conrad Maldives Rangalhi Island, a five-star resort in Maldives, believes that modern travelers should maintain a perfect Instagram feed while sharing these experiences.

Hence, came along the Insta-Butlers and Insta-Trail. Insta-Trail takes you through some of the photogenic locations of the resort, taking photos of the infamous All-Glass Underwater restaurant named Ithaa or snapping shots of you posing some elegant yoga poses, the possibilities are astounding.

The Insta-Butlers also curates some special itineraries which include a breathtaking one-hour stargazing experience, a three-hour cookery close at the resort’s restaurant, and a five-hour tour of local islands designed for experiencing the local culture of Maldives. All these while taking some amazing snaps of these unforgettable experience. It gets better as these butlers not only take good photos but also teaches you how to so that you may learn the art of taking exquisite photos for your Instagram feed.

Ice Skating Rink in the Tropical Climate

The Ice Skating Rink in Jumeirah Vittaveli is proof that almost anything is possible in this world. Yes, even building an ice skating rink in the middle of a tropical island. The 170 square meter rink opened in the March of this year (2018) with the hopes of providing the guests with something unique.

This innovative idea came into action in the December of 2016, when a family wanted to visit Maldives to enjoy some tropical climate, but their daughter wanted a skiing holiday. So, Amit Majumder, general manager of Jumeirah Vittaveli set out to deliver the best of both worlds, where the parents can enjoy the sun and the daughter can enjoy some ice skiing.

Upon the invention of the ice rink in Jumeirah, named the ‘Ice Ice Maybe’ it became clear that the guest can enjoy a diverse range of activities. This ice rink which can function entirely without water and at a zero-energy level, allows you to transition from enjoying the turquoise blue waters of the lagoon to putting on a pair of boots and skating in the ice accompanied by the white sandy beaches and the blue hues of the ocean. Certainly an experience only available in Maldives.

Maldives – most sought after destinations by football stars

It’s no secret that Maldives is one of the most luxurious and naturally gifted places in the world and footballers have been known to visit from time to time. The former Spain forward Fernando Torres accommodated in Anantara Kihavah and was delighted by the excellent services provided by the resort. The infamous David Beckham of England, Uruguay striker Suarez, and the Italian legends, Totti and De Rossi has also graced the Maldivian soil on their vacations. Even Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best players of today, has reportedly been to Conrad Maldives, the underwater paradise.


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The 2018 world cup in Russia will set out to be a dramatic one as it might be the last world club for players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Emotions will be felt at its peak and drama will be unfolded. Nothing better than planning a trip to this isolated and tranquil paradise to relax the mind after the world cup ends.

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