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Overwater Bungalows with Hammock

Overwater Bungalows with Hammock – Best Remedy to De-stress

The idea of an overwater hammock extended from the deck of the villa and overlooking the ocean is simply awe-inspiring. When you think about hammocks, you imagine a net between two trees or on top of a treehouse. A typical scenario where you can laze with a book or a snack. The Maldives hammock over water bungalows expands on this idea, implementing it in the most creative ways possible, transcending the feeling of luxury you receive from the gorgeous ocean villas in the Maldives.

You will often find that an overwater bungalow with hammock in the Maldives is often complemented by the turquoise-colored lagoon and the breathtaking view of the horizon. Innovative and bold, the Maldives hammock, over water, takes full advantage of the blessed surroundings. How? Well, the unique designs extended from the deck or embedded into the floors give you the feeling as if you were floating above the water. Connected with the ocean and the bountiful environment, you can transition into a state of bliss with ease.

Vilu Reef Aqua Villa - Overwater Bungalow with Hammock
Vilu Reef Aqua Villa – Overwater Bungalow with Hammock

The overwater bungalow with hammock in the Maldives displays creative innovation at its finest. These are quite different from traditional ones. First, these tailored hammocks bow to no limits. It’s spacious, comes in various shapes, and there is plenty of space for cuddling! Second, the hammock features, comfortable, stretchy, soft woven netting. Not the ones with knotty ropes that leave imprints on your back. Last, they are easy to access. You don’t have to climb a tree. You can step on right from the bungalow’s deck.

Imagine. It’s a delightful evening. You laze on a comfortable hammock extended from the private deck of the villa. You feel the salty freshness of the wind from the horizon as it caresses on your face. The soothing melodies of the waves gently crashing beneath, lull you by setting the most tranquil atmosphere. This is how it feels like to stay in one of the most basic overwater bungalow with hammock in the Maldives.

Of course, the best Maldives luxury resorts can enhance your overwater dangling experience even further. One such example is Cinema Paradiso at Soneva Jani. Apart from the hammocks in the bungalows, where you can gently doze off to the overlapping waves, the resort features an outdoor cinema. This is by no means an ordinary outdoor cinema. No. The screen is atop the lagoon while your seats are spacious overwater hammocks. It creates both an intimate atmosphere and an informal lazing area. Your overwater bungalow experience at Soneva Fushi in enhanced by hammocks set in the cinema, extended from the deck of the bars, and stilted between two tree trunks in the middle of the lagoon. A Maldives hammock over water experience has never been better.

Cinema Paradiso - Soneva
Cinema Paradiso – Soneva

The one at Soneva Jani is just one of the many overwater hammock experiences you can have in the Maldives. There are Overwater bungalows with hammock complimented by water slides, embedded into floors, and facing the stunning views of the sunset.

Picture enjoying a glass of champagne with your dearly beloved under the stars. Overlooking the glistening lagoon, you laze in serenity afloat on the azure waters, dozing off in the comfort of the soft net on your back. Its peaceful, quiet, and opens up a whole new stylish possibility in overwater indulgence.

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