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Underwater Villa in Maldives

The ocean lover has always dreamt of dining beneath the ocean, waking up to the marvels of marine life in the comfort of an underwater haven. But one doesn’t simply find a destination that can enable them to make their dreams come true. In fact, some may even shrug it off as impossible or a stuff of fairy tale. Well, as unbelievable as it may sound, due to the technological advancements and the brilliant innovations of the architects this ocean lover’s dream is possible at the well reputed Maldives resort, Conrad Maldives Rangalhi Island with the world’s first underwater residence.

Conrad Maldives, The Resort

Before getting to the impressive Underwater Residence set to open later this year, the Conrad Maldives Rangalhi Island resort itself is already quite impressive with its luxurious accommodations and award-winning restaurants including the world’s first undersea restaurant and the Maldives first celebrity Chinese restaurant, attracting tourists from all around the globe to experience this Maldivian luxury.

The possibilities while accommodating in this 5-star luxurious resort is endless. You can wake up to the waves crashing beneath the stilts at one of the 50 luxurious water villas and start of the day with some wellness treatments at one of the award-winning spas stilted above the lagoon, equipped with glass-floored treatment rooms guaranteed to give an unforgettable experience.

After that feel free to let loose your sense of adventure with the numerous water sports and excursions for you to opt from. Better yet, you can even watch and swim with the magnificent giants of the oceans such as Manta Ray and Whale Sharks as you get to know the wonders of the ocean.

All these accessible through a scenic and picturesque seaplane ride.

The World’s first Underwater Residence

Conrad Maldives is already home to the underwater restaurant “Ithaa” providing you the opportunity to dine 16 feet below the ocean under the 180-degree arched glass ceiling while being bewildered by the aquatic marine life swimming above. To take it a step further, the resort plans to enable guests to explore Maldives from a whole new perspective, 16 feet below the ocean with the Underwater villa opening this November.

“Muraka” Dhivehi (Maldivan) for “Coral” complements the nature of the ocean to its fullest with innovative designs of the famous Japanese architect, Yuji Yamazaki. The 15-million-dollar project spans across two floors, accessible through a spiral staircase and a lift while providing you the 180-degree uninterrupted views of the exotic marine life spiraling across the ocean.

Corridor of the undersea residence
Corridor of the undersea residence

Peaking above the ocean is the Upper level, stretching up to 5291 square feet in size. This level features a comfortable king-sized bed for you to lay upon, a bathroom with tub placed ideally to face the ocean side, a dining area and a bar to sip on some exquisite wine, a twin-sized bedroom along with a third bedroom, a butler’s quarters, a powder room and a kitchen for your convenience and luxury. It’s also expected that the floor will have two decks, one featuring an infinity pool for you to relax in while giving you the blessing to view the panoramic views of setting sky or the rising sun.

Undersea villa’s bathroom
Undersea villa’s bathroom

Down below is the elegant artistic design of Yuji Yamazaki, spanning 193 square foot in size, featuring a king-sized bedroom, a living room along with a bathroom. The minimalistic interiors consisting of walls and ceilings of reflective glass completed by the marble and granite architectural designs and the plush leather detailing providing the perfect justice to the place. The hue of the blues reflected by the rays of the sun above deflecting through the glass across the marble finishing is an experience that cannot be put into words.

Safe, elegant and luxurious are the three deadly combination that makes this work of art such admirable. The “Muraka” lets you explore the other 50% of Maldives which lies beneath under the ocean, impossible to get anywhere else. As you sleep under infinite possibilities of the Maldivian ocean, let it set into your mind that you may be the only person in the world living 16 feet below the ocean.

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